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Technical Advantages of the 3D Petri Dish

Posted by admin | Posted in 3D Cell Culture | Posted on 14-09-2010

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Technical Advantages of the 3D Petri DishTM

  • Promotes natural cell-to-cell interactions.
  • Microtissues are easily and quickly formed.
  • Microtissues size is uniform and easily controlled.
  • Mixed microtissues with two or more cell types are easily produced.
  • Microtissue shape is easily controlled.
  • Microtissues are easily observed and quantified by microscopy.
  • Microtissue growth and metabolism are easily monitored.
  • Microtissues can be grown from singe cells (clones).
  • Large numbers of microtissues are easily produced.
  • Microtissues are easily harvested for biochemical analyses.
  • Microtissue production can be automated.

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I like your 3D cell culture postings. What exactly is the 3D petri dish?

Hi James,

Thanks for commenting. I apologize for the incompleteness of the website.

The 3D Petri Dish is a new tool that gives scientists a better way of growing cells. When growing in a 3D Petri Dish the cells aggregate into small clusters, also called microtissues, and each microtissue contains hundred of living human cells that function like normal tissues and organs. Basically meaning a better way to replicate the interaction of how cells grow outside of the human body. One example would be growing an artificial ovary.

Check out this press release from Brown: http://news.brown.edu/pressreleases/2010/09/ovaries

As you can see this website is still a work in progress. There will be a lot more information in a couple weeks. Check back.

In the meantime please feel free to email me any other questions you have to brian@microtissues.com


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